2011 Skillshare Workshop Schedule

= 4th Sunday Pancake Breakfast Skillshares. 11:00am-12:30pm at Democracy Unlimited's monthly pancake breakfast at the Duck House (1402 M Street, Eureka). Pancakes are $5 from 10am-noon. Workshops are free.


PLEASE NOTE: All workshop subject to change without notice based on presenters' schedules and other factors. Feel free to call us (707-269-0984) if you have questions.

Sunday, February 27th -- Backyard Beekeeping with Garrett Brinton

Learn the basics of what you need to know to keep bees in your backyard. Garrett will cover equipment requirements, time commitment, inspection process, diseases and the basics of hive life and bee culture.

Beekeeping is a fairly involved hobby and in this workshop we will only have time to cover a broad overview. If you are interested in keeping bees you can take Garrett's Extended Education class at HSU this spring. The class begins February 16. Sign ups after February 23rd are permitted but there is a $25 late fee.

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Sunday, March 27th -- DIY Sound Editing with Kelley Lincoln  

Using Audacity, a free shareware software, you can learn to edit sound you record to create news articles and promos for events and to create fun productions. This is a great skill for educators, entertainers, and activists. The sound auditing skills can be used for video productions as well. We won't focus on the editing of any video, just the sound that goes behind it.

To use Audacity after the workshop, you need to have a computer and the basic ability to use it. Bringing a laptop to the workshop will make learning the skills more "hands-on" and there easier. But the only pre-requisite skill you really need is the ability to cut and paste.

If you bring a laptop, you will definitely walk away with audacity downloaded and the ability to find and use it on your computer. If you bring audio you have already recorded, you can walk away with some early cuts and the skills to finish the piece.

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Sunday, April 24th -- Keeping Backyard Chickens & Ducks with Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap

Learn the basics of keeping chickens in your backyard in an urban or rural setting. Kaitlin will cover raising chicks/ducklings, feeding needs, how to keep your poultry safe from predators, poultry breeds, good resources for more information and coop basics.

Kaitlin will also have baby chicks on hand to order. Every year she raises poultry for folks who can't do it themselves. Email her if you are interested in ordering poultry this year or if you have questions.

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Sunday, May 22nd -- Natural Family Planning with Sommer Halligan

Learn to understand and work with your body's fertility cycle to avoid pregnancy, or to achieve it! Natural Family Planning is reliable and does not require medications or "devices." This workshop welcomes men, women and couples. Handouts will be provided.

Sommer is a licensed homebirth midwife with over ten years of experience providing care to the families of Humboldt County. She practices Integrative Medicine, judiciously utilizing western medicine without sacrificing her grounding in holistic health.

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Sunday, June 26th -- Herbal First Aid with Greta Montagne

Herbal First Aid for the urban home, rural homestead, college dorm, or backcountry trip. Learn what herbal remedies you might need for a basic personal kit or an emergency basecamp. General familiarity with herbal medicine is helpful, but not required. All are welcome, and questions will be answered.

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Sunday, July 24th -- Raising Rabbits for Beginners with Carl Stanley

We will cover everything that beginners need to know from buying your first rabbits to breading, to giving birth, harvesting skinning, and even some notes on cooking. Learn from someone who has been raising rabbits for over 20 years.

Sunday, August 28th -- Preserving Food with Yvonne Doble & Quentin Peterson

We will cover the basics of home drying, dehydrating, freezing, canning and storing your produce abundance! Learn about ways to store food; either from your garden or the local farmers market.

Depending on availability of produce participants will take home: canned roasted garlic in olive oil, pesto, dried apples, apple sauce, frozen sliced apples for pie, home-dried herb tea.

No prior skills or knowledge required.


Sunday, September 25th -- TBD


Sunday, October 23rd -- TBD

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