3/4 - Democracy Unlimited HSU Club Next Meeting

Friday, March 4th at 3:00pm

At Campus Center for Appropriate Technology Bldg (CCAT)
(South of the Behavioral and Social Sciences (BSS) Building)


1. Intros and announcements

*We need to decide on a regular meeting time asap, check your schedule!


2. Club Constitution


3. Move to Amend updates

*We'll need to get bodies out to the AS meeting on the resolution day and make an event out of it! WOOT! After-party at Theo's place.


4. Film screenings
*which, when, where, how many?


5. First Speak-out
*will be choosing a date. a prom date? no just a date...


6. Publicity publicity publiciteeee
*A lot to talk about, a lot of moves to be made

Start your weekend right, people, lets make democracy happen!



DUHC Club Organizer

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