No Law Degree Needed to Overrule the Court

On February 20th, over 85 community members gathered to organize our county in response to the Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling. Over a half dozen Working Groups were formed to set in motion concrete actions to forward the national movement to abolish Corporate Personhood. Please join one or more of these Working Groups in order to pass local resolutions and ordinances, to make Corporate Personhood a campaign issue in local elections, and to get out into the community and "Take Action."

The Election and Political Campaigns Working Group will meet Tuesday, April 6 at 6:30pm. Email Jon at for more information.

The Resolutions and Ordinances Working Group will meet Monday, April 12 at 6:30pm. Call 269-0984 and ask to speak to David or Ashley for details or to get plugged in!

The Take Action Working Group will meet Wednesday, April 7th at 7:00pm at 560 A Park Ave in Arcata. The Take Action group is looking for some materials to build our bandwagon - things like a trailer, wood, arts and crafts materials, and creative people! Email Ashley or Meghan at or for more information.

All of these meetings will be held at the Duck House at 1402 M Street, Eureka except for the Take Action meeting which will be help at 560 A Park Ave. in Arcata.

HumIBA's 2010-11 Local Options Directory is Coming!!

We're about to print the 2010-11 Local Options Directory! 30,000 copies of the 2009 directory flew off the shelves last year, offering a tremendous resource to the community connecting people to our local, independent businesses. Hundreds more businesses have signed up for this year's directory, and we need your help to get 'em out to the people. Come by the DUHC office to pick up a bundle or ask for Jon to get involved.

For DUHCers Who Love to Walk

The Spring issue of the Humboldt Exchange Directory is hot of the presses. Businesses and drop spots across the county need to be stocked so community members can continue sharing their skills and wealth! Please swing by the Duck House to pick up a stack or ask for Grant to get involved.

For DUHCers Who Love to Talk

Help us out by tabling in your town. The farmer's markets are kicking off and are a great time to offer the community information about Democracy Unlimited and our projects. If you're a good people person, let us set you up with supplies and talking points on the Campaign to Legalize Democracy. Enjoy the great Spring weather and talk up democracy with your fellow community members!

And as always and ongoing: Office Help

Come in for open hours and help with mailings, phone calls and data entry. If you're looking for a good busywork task (we know there are folks out there who like this kind of stuff!) this is for you. All these admin tasks are essential toward keeping the grassroots healthy! Chat with friends, meet new ones, visit with the dog and cats and help us get work done in a relaxing, friendly atmosphere. Did we mention we have punch and pie?

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