Call for 2011 Skillshare Workshop Presenters!

We need workshop leaders for skillshare workshops in 2011! Click here and fill out the application form to teach a 2011 Skillshare Workshop.

Skillshare workshops are held January-October on the fourth Sunday (new dates in 2011!) during our monthly pancake breakfasts. Pancakes are from 10am-noon. Skillshare workshops are from 11am-12:30pm. Our pancake breakfasts cost $5 for all the pancakes you can eat, skillshare workshops are free.

Some of the principles behind our skillshare program include:

  • Everyone can teach and learn something. We promote the idea of participatory learning, emphasizing collective knowledge, blurring the lines between facilitators and participants.
  • Education can happen through informal, non-hierarchical learning outside of the monetary economy. Learning has become commodified but we can resist by creating opportunities for people to share knowledge and skills with each other.
  • Skillshare workshops are based on a strong DIY/DIO (do-it-yourself/do-it-ourselves) ethic and focus on practical skills.
  • Workshops are accessible, free, and open to all.
  • Sharing our skills can create a community where we can depend on and learn from one another.

Do you have a skill to offer your neighbors and fellow community members? Sign up to teach a workshop in 2011! Use the workshop application form here.

Some popular workshop topics that we would like to see taught include (we're open to any offers though):

    * Grey water recycling
    * Urban beekeeping
    * Rainwater catchment
    * Keeping chickens
    * Sock darning/clothing repair
    * Animal husbandry & slaughter
    * Composting/worm composting
    * Composting toilets
    * Herbal first aid/Intro to herbalism
    * Canning/food presevation
    * Welding
    * Bike maintenance
    * CPR
    * Seed starting
    * Fermented food
    * Gardening basics
    * Knitting & crochet
    * Basic car repair and maintenance
    * Kombucha

Thanks to other Skillshare programs for inspiration, including Boston, Brooklyn, and Austin.

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