David Cobb to Tape Pilot Show "Doing Democracy" for Free Speech TV

Democracy Unlimited's David Cobb has been asked to produce a pilot for Free Speech TV, the first (and most viewed) national progressive television network created in the United States.

Free Speech currently TV carries Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman, The Thom Hartman Show, and GritTV with Laura Flanders. Free Speech TV Executive Director Don Rojas hopes and expects that “Doing Democracy” with David Cobb will evolve into another regularly produced program.

The show will be produced at Access Humboldt and distributed worldwide by Free Speech TV. The first program will feature Chris Peters of the Seventh Generation Fund for Indian Development. Future shows will explore the role of art and poetry in social movements, the growing U.S. democracy movement, corporate personhood, election integrity, the movements confronting oppression based on race, gender, class and sexual orientation, and more.

If you would like to become a member of the local production crew, please contact David at david@duhc.org You will also need to become certified on Access Humboldt equipment.

The next Community Media Center Orientation is free and is offered on Saturday, September 25, 10am-noon.

Attendees receive a full tour of the CMC and are introduced to the community resources and common procedures at Access Humboldt. Upon completion, members will be certified to check out Flip video cameras and add their name & talents to HIP (Humboldt Interactive Pool). There will be more information about HIP at the orientation. Future classes are online at (www.accesshumboldt.net/site/classes)

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