Democracy in Action on Resistance to PG&E's Prop 16

Tune in to "Democracy in Action" on KMUD radio on Monday, April 19 at 7pm when David Cobb will host a discussion about resistance to Proposition 16 and PG&E's efforts to use the initiative process to make it more difficult for local municipalities to have publicly controlled utilities.

PG&E is pouring millions of dollars into this initiative. Proposition 16, on the June 8 ballot, would force any local governments that want to establish electrical service to win the approval of two-thirds of their voters first.

The initiative would affect local governments trying to enter the power business through a new system called community choice aggregation. Under community choice, governments buy electricity on behalf of their residents and set their own electricity rates, while traditional utilities continue to own and operate the power grid.

The initiative also would limit the ability of municipal utilities - such as those in Alameda, Palo Alto and Sacramento - to expand service to new customers.

Marin County officials recently set up California's first community choice system, despite opposition from PG&E. Although state law requires utilities to cooperate with community choice agencies, PG&E threatened not to deliver electricity to the new Marin Energy Authority.

Democracy in Action can be heard streaming online at or on FM 88.3 in Eureka/Arcata and FM 91.1 throughout Southern Humboldt. This is a live call-in program on one of the most respected community radio stations in the country. To participate in the conversation call 923-3911.

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