Democracy Unlimited is Hiring an Outreach/Admin Assistant!

JOB ANNOUNCEMENT: Outreach & Administrative Assistant

12-15 hours per week, $10 per hour, occasional weekends

Are you interested in working for social justice? Join our team!

Democracy Unlimited is currently seeking an extremely well-organized and detail-oriented individual to support all of our outreach and administrative functions.

Application deadline:
May 20 or rolling until filled

Job begins: June 8 or ASAP thereafter

Responsibilities include (but not limited to):

  • Answering phones and emails and directing incoming calls/messages to the appropriate party
  • Maintaining electronic and hard copy file systems
  • Managing incoming and outgoing communication on behalf of the director
  • Managing calendars, including meeting schedules
  • Monitoring and organizing follow-up and to-do lists
  • Prioritizing and managing multiple projects simultaneously
  • Data entry, copying, scanning
  • Scheduling/prepping the director for meetings (preparing/organizing background information)
  • Volunteer coordination
  • Event planning
  • Preparation/assembly of project materials
  • Updating Facebook, Twitter accounts
  • Maintaining website
  • Drafting and editing email newsletters
  • Maintaining database
  • Note taking
  • Internet research as needed on diverse and eclectic topics
  • Light bookkeeping
  • Project oversight
  • Producing monthly radio program (working with other staff to identify program topics and guests, coordinating communication with guests, working with radio station to publicize the show)

The successful candidate will possess:

  • Deep interest and support for the mission of Democracy Unlimited
  • Excellent English oral and written communication, and command of grammar
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the capacity to listen carefully
  • Capacity to learn quickly, to work under pressure, to meet deadlines, to track multiple tasks simultaneously, and to see the “big picture”
  • Strong technological proficiency and experience in Google Calendar/Docs, Microsoft Office, Facebook, Twitter, email (ideally Gmail)
  • Comfort working on Macintosh computers
  • At least 1-2 years experience in a similar position

Helpful but not required:

  • Working knowledge of FileMaker Pro, Dreamweaver, and Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop/InDesign desirable
  • Spanish language skills
  • Activism/organizing background
  • Knowledge of Humboldt County


Please submit a detailed cover letter, resume, and three recent professional references to Please write “Job Application” in the subject line. Please be prepared to submit a writing sample if invited for an interview. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Please no telephone calls or faxes.

Democracy Unlimited is an equal opportunity employer.

Download this job announcement (pdf)


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Comment by Linda Lee Cassara on June 16, 2011 at 5:28pm

I can't read my own writing, however, my shorthand is at 120/wpm.  Actually, who you're looking for to work there would have to agree w/your usage of 'excellent English skills.'  Top of the list -the word 'democracy' is military -that is exactly what we have now.  "To the republic for which it stands" The word 'democracy' is not in the Dec, of Indp., Constitution or Bill of Rights for good reason. The men who drew up the original papers back then, knew democracy to be the worst form of government -which it obviously is.  I'd turn your perspective inside out and head it for Liberty.  Our (poor) language is not English.  Far from it.  We tend to use words without bothering to really know (the definition), what we're saying when we 'believe' we are communicating.   Apocolpse - not hell and damnation.  A covering, leather, of perhaps a book of knowledge/truth.   And the truth shall set you free.  The Internet is the covering, the 'skin' that contains the truth, as the people exchange NOW ideas and share info. that will remove the veil, the illusion that we separate from one another.  Separate from all Life Forms.  There is a map on a CIA face website, that if you follow back thru history, not his story, you'll come to the Dorian Report of 1978-the map has no state outlines or borders between America (not US) and Canada.  Neither is there a border to the south, separating Mexico.  Just the 13 New England colonies are not a part of North America.  All Territory-Indian. Also, I never have and do not now use Goo goo, facie, tweetie, internet explorer, aol- too much ado about nothing, and for sure piped directly into the gov't.  Yes, of course, anyone who was intent on 'spying,' or 'being nosey' could wrangle their way into most anything that transports via the Internet.  I just can't comprehend inviting or wanting what I think and with whom I communicate with or sites I go to, to be plastered all over the place lke a billboard.  The sites/info I go to, I download or print quickly and get off.  Some guy was arrested last week for posting pix of his plants.  Dummy.  They just followed the IP address.  I've always somewhat covered my tracks, as I could.  The warlike environment we share and the knowledge that is shared about the matrix - the one you can see when you wake up/become conscious, isn't anything I'd want the criminal parasites/federal, labeled, public, servants to be aware of.  Of course they're not.  They're totally on a perpetual 24 hr. sleep.  Wouldn't take a whole lot to de-seat them.  Send back the city/county charter. dis-band, enclose a promissory note for the 'assumed' debt.  Whatever HUMBOLDT INC. owes to CA. INC. and sever the genocide tie.  Demilitarize our area.  Set-off all debts.  We've got cartels on the reservations being armed by -what else? US INC.(not a landmass) Its a corporation -corpse-dead-past tense.  Just as the word 'united' is past tense, dead.  Union states- present tense.  Same as the monopoly private, labeled, federal reserve notes have pix. of dead people on them.  People generally do not want to hear 'what is' the root of the truth.  They can't stand, get off their knees and be responsible for self.  I've tried, its just the opposite of everything, of all the lies we were repeatedly told in the public fool system.  And, no cahungas.  Slaves/debtor/victims. Will not embrace their own divinity, recognize their own power-that takes knowledge of self and most are just being entertained.  The words on paper are the easy part.  The estate, the trust fund -the bid, bail, performance and prison bonds -court registry system.  All oh so sick.  Humboldt's goes to Dean Witter - $50 mil at a time.  Then to the fed reserve bank in Texas. Walmart buys all the prison bonds, bundle & sell to Lehman Bros., who repeats the bundle & sell -derivitives.  Most all countries are existing off of American prison bonds.  This is also why no one gets their checks back -bundle and sell.  Our signature is as gold. Everytime we sign the NAME, its fractionalized 10 times (at least). To know how the debt notes come into circulation-if the p.servants can't answer that, they should not be in the wealthy spot they were voted into.  Granted authority, which can be revoked at any given time by the people.  Just like the charter(s).  Authority is one of those AU words, very powerful, but not power.  the power remains with the people.The thing is, one can go into an administration bldg., labeled court and say some words-I'm the executrix of the estate.  However, it's one thing to just ramble off words, its another to know who you are 24/7, know your position.  Cause if you then ACT as debtor/slave/victim/defendent, then they will railroad you-off to correctional facility andtransfer wealth. THAT IS ALL THAT IS HAPPENING IN THE ADMINISTRATION, labeled courtroom.  They are ACTing as trustees of the trust fund YOURS.  If you comply, cooperate, or by silence, aquiesence into accepting THEIR offer/contract, or plea(d) "please mas ta" you've accepted THEIR jurisdiction.  "Do you understand your rights?" They aren't securing them to you, they are taking them away from you.  And 98% of the sheeple, say, "ah huh"  No wonder we're considered incompetent!  They are ONLY administering the bankruptcy of US INC. NOTHING TO DO WITH CRIME AT ALL.  You'd be amazed how much is stolen- armed robbery by the 'task force' and the officers, from the people every single day. Yesterday's Supes. meeting-they just, ah, you know-waived Humboldt's Nuclear Free ordinance in order to keep their jeads up the state's ass and receive electrons($ on monitors) worthless, evil FRN's. It was a grant of some type-to, what else, enlarge gov't (local comfortably numb servants). the money is to pay the positions/non-productive corporate profit protectors, to spot check farmer's markets and some gardens-ya know how we all choose gov't approved veggies over a non-stamped/tested farmer grown veggie.  It's all too pathetic.  But, and yes, I'm all too familiar with how the administration's collection of debt/tax/codes invade & place fear in the people. Ordinances can't be just 'waived' because its a state condition to receiving the funds.  F the

STATE. CA.INC. The state is always society's enemy.  There's nothing new under the sun. Time/space -cylindrical, so, gee how hard can it be to see 'what is' and therefore, what's coming?  Not at all.  Just those who ignore history, are doomed to repeat it. It's an open secret at this point. I don't do d/l, ins., registration--why would I support this destruction of all Life Forms?  We're turning the planet into a vast pit of fertilizer.  For lack of knowledge, the people will remain slaves, 'believing' they are free and waving that rag flag with no concept of what it truly means.  No Revolutionary War, No 4th of July b.s.  We just disengage from all responsibility and have 'fun' - man I hate that word.  Words - that are THEIRS - I'd strongly suggest you do not use them in reference to your self-the you, the me, that no one sees, the part of the All that is, where we Know/see the Oneness.  "Citizen, resident, driver, passenger, person"  NEVER give them your NAME.  THAT is what's being charged.  A 'bill' has no charge until we (life/energy/source of all currency) give it our attention, as if the words on paper has anything to do with people.  All of man's legalese, labeled law, are written in past tense.  All we ever have is now.  The Big Ten are written in present tense-"thou shalt not..."for community, for society to thrive and be as our natural being is - love and harmony.  In other words, we can't drink the word 'water' so stop bowing down and bending over to man's words on paper. I would like to come to your meeting next week, it's, what can I say, behind the times.  And again, the foundation word 'democracy' scares me.


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