Find Out Which Candidates Will Protect Your Rights Over Corporate "Rights"

Tuesday, June 8, 2010 is Election Day across California and many other states. Do you know where your local candidates stand on the issue of Corporate Personhood?

We need elected officials willing to stand up for our rights by joining our national movement to abolish Corporate Personhood and make the promise of American democracy a reality.

We need public servants who will work with citizens to pass resolutions at the local and state levels that call for a Constitutional Amendment and that assert human and community rights over corporate "rights".

Do you know where your local candidates stand on the issue of Corporate Personhood and whether they're willing to fight for your rights? Ask them!

In the past, Democracy Unlimited has initiated efforts to hold our elected officials accountable by asking them to pledge to work for your rights over corporate rights. Last fall however we received our 501c3 status and we recently learned that candidate pledges count as "electioneering" and are a prohibited activity by 501c3 organizations.

In the future we will conduct open answer surveys of candidates to find out their positions on this and other important issues that matter to our local community so that we can share the information with you. Open-ended surveys are an activity permitted under 501c3 regulations.

But you can also find out where candidates stand yourself, and you can ask for a commitment from them as a voter.

We encourage voters everywhere to ask these questions. If you live in Humboldt County you can find contact info for all candidates on the County Elections Department website (pdf download).

Before you vote on election day, ask the candidates where they stand. We encourage you to make this issue a litmus test in your voting decision, and we encourage you to let the candidates know that it is an issue of critical importance in your decision of who to support.

Here are some suggested questions:

★ What is your position on Corporate Personhood?
★ Do you support the national movement to pass a Consitutional Amendment to abolish Corporate Personhood?
★ Are you willing to use your local office to support my rights over corporate "rights"?

If you live somewhere other than Humboldt County your local candidates might not know a lot about this issue. Be prepared to educated them! Let them know why this issue matters to you. Refer them to this website or If they don't know about the issue, direct them to the resources and let them know you'd like a call back in a few days, once they have decided what they think.

Let us know how it goes. You can comment on this post with your suggestions for additional questions or other feedback. Or you can email us.

Thanks for helping get this important issue into our electoral process! Stay tuned during the next election cycle - we'll let you know how the candidates respond to our survey questions.

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Comment by Rick Staggenborg, MD on August 18, 2010 at 9:16pm
Where are you posting the list of candiates who have taken the pledge to amend the Constitution?
Comment by Rick Staggenborg, MD on August 18, 2010 at 9:17pm
I woul dlike it to be known to members that I am running for the US Senate on a pledge to introduce the amendment to abolish corporate personhood.
Comment by DUHC on August 23, 2010 at 3:54pm
Hi Rick,

We don't have a list of candidates taking the pledge. As a 501c3 we cannot endorse or support any candidates. This election we will have a candidate survey for local candidates running in Humboldt County and we will include the responses. We're encouraging groups to do similar surveys in their communities and for candidates to post information about their position on Corporate Personhood to their website and campaign materials. Thanks.
Comment by Rick Staggenborg, MD on August 23, 2010 at 6:46pm
Thank you. I would love to see you listing all of the candidates for US Senate who have pledged to introduce the Constitutional amendment that we all want. There are at least ten of us who have taken the pledge to amend through Public Citizen.


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