Grain CSAs: Local Flours and Grains

Windborne Farm and Shakefork Community Farm are both signing up new members for the 2010-11 season.

Windborne Farm, located in the Scott River Valley of far northern California, is a sustainable farming operation owned and run by Jennifer Greene with help from her family. The farm produces grains, vegetables, and animals, but only grains are distributed to the CSA in Humboldt County. Jennifer grows a number of different grains, and most are distributed as ground flours and meals, including a pancake mix (just flour, no leavening or other ingredients) and a hot cereal mix. She generally grows wheat (soft and hard), oats, barley, and rye, as well as smaller amounts of corn, millet, and sometimes more specialty grains like amaranth and teff.

Space is limited, and deadline for sign up is March 15. The share costs $300 for the year, consisting of 5 distributions each containing approximately 20-24 lbs of grains/flours. Only full shares will be distributed; half-shares can be coordinated on an individual basis and consist of two shareholders agreeing to split a full share.

Unfortunately, the WIndborne Farm CSA is no longer available in Humboldt County.

Shakefork Community Farm also serves Humboldt County with grains. Last year's membership was $450 per share which included 8-10 distributions of 8-12 lbs. of whole grains an specialty flours. Distributions would occur monthly from the Shakefork barn on Mad River Road and shareholders were responsible for making monthly pick-ups.

Contact Kevin Cunningham at (707) 834-5001 or

Produce farms will be accepting CSA shareholders soon as the growing season is right around the corner! Democracy Unlimited will be updating our website shortly to reflect the changes in farms offering CSA's this season. Check back soon!

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