Intern with Us this Fall - Application Deadline is May 30

"I couldn't have asked for a better internship. Everyone was so knowledgeable, passionate, supportive, encouraging, and brilliant. I greatly expanded my vision of justice and developed my critique of the current system and my place in transforming it. I truly feel that DUHC was my launch pad; and I'm thankful it was so solid." ~Teri

Our internship continues to draw diverse applicants from throughout the United States; people eager for hands-on community organizing.

You will gain in-depth experience with Democracy Unlimited’s many community projects while gaining proficiency to work both independently and collaboratively to transform our communities from the grassroots.

If you believe in that social and environmental justice will be achieved by giving power back the people then come and join us!

Room, board, and a small stipend are available.

Application Deadline: May 30
Phone Interview: June 6-23 

Acceptance Notice By: June 27 

Commitment By: July 4
Internship Begins: September 5 

Internship Ends: December 12

"First and foremost, my internship gave me the confidence to undertake activist efforts, and to use my work to embody the values I subscribe to. It taught me the importance of seeking out other organizers, and forming a small community of people who trust each other, and our willing to commit themselves to their activism. It was also at Democracy Unlimited where I learned practical organizing skills, for example how to efficiently run meetings, how to recruit volunteers, and host workshops." ~Claire

Click here for more info or to download an application form.

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