Join us in Madison this Summer: Democracy Convention!

August 24-28, 2011

This summer the first National Democracy Convention will be held in Madison, Wisconsin with at least eight conferences under one banner!

The conference will address:

* Education for Democracy (democratizing our schools and colleges);
* Republican Government (Voting rights and open government);
* Democratic Defense (our power over war and peace);
* Media Democracy (free press for a free society);
* Economic Democracy (economics as if people mattered);
* Constitutional Reform (amending our basic law);
* Local Democracy (community power and local participation);
* Racial Equality (I swear this oath. America will be!);
* Earth Democracy (Rights for nature and all living things).

Democracy Unlimited is excited to be a Key Partner in this convention - we are the coordinators for the Local Democracy Conference. Move to Amend will be coordinating the Constitutional Reform Conference.

We want to see you at this historic event this summer - bring your friends!

Find out more and register now!

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