New Film: The Washington Influence Industry

THE WASHINGTON INFLUENCE INDUSTRY is a call to action. The film documents a cycle of political corruption, that has resulted in the Corporate Takeover of Democracy in America. It shows how the unlimited money that wealthy corporations give to buy our elections is, in effect, nothing less than bribery. It enriches big business and in doing so, mutes the voices of individual citizens in government. This has created a corruption of democratic ideals, beyond belief.


The film shines a bright light on those corporations and politicians who buy and sell access to our halls of government for the purpose of rigging public policy for personal gain. When the film connects the dots between huge corporate spending and legislative favors returned by politicians, the bribery becomes shamefully obvious.


You can learn more about the film by visiting the website, watching the trailer, and checking it out on Facebook and Twitter, where you can find lots of information about the film's issues.


Want to screen this movie in your community or organization? Pre-order a copy of the film and soundtrack for only $25 and help fund the continuation of production.




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