Save the Date: 2011 Deep Democracy Retreat

Are You Seeking Training to Deepen Your Community Organizing Skills?

Save The Date - October 7-9
Community Organizing for Deep Democracy Retreat

Are you serious about taking back your community from corporations?

This in-depth workshop, we help you envision grassroots democratic solutions to problems facing your community. Legal history, case studies, and forward-looking strategies are offered to inspire your action plan.

This event is tailored to meet the needs of the participants based on pre-event feedback. This event is open to participants from all over the country.

This full weekend workshop helps participants effectively organize in their own communities to reclaim citizen sovereignty and will offer tangible strategies for actions that we can collectively take to get our democracy back from corporations.

This three-day intensive workshop will challenge the deep assumptions that we all hold about what it means to live in a democracy and what the proper role of the corporation is.

We draw on history as well as current events to illustrate the changing role of the corporation over time and how seriously our past people’s struggles have taken the concept of democracy.

Deep Democracy Retreats are right for you if you are:

★ An activist, leader, organizer, trainer, or elected official engaged in issues of economic, environmental or social justice in your community;

★ An educator, activist, organizer, trainer, or elected official seeking to improve your understanding of the history of corporate power and more effective strategies for resistance.

By the end of the weekend participants will have a background on how corporate leaders and current judicial interpretations of the law are preventing us from defining our own communities.

Participants receive the history, analysis, networks, and legal and educational strategies to more successfully organize for local democracy in their communities.

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