Tell your Congressperson to stop extending the PATRIOT Act and to pass the JUSTICE Act in May

A message from our friends at the Bill of Rights Defense Committee:

Dear Friends,

It’s been too long since those of us who care about civil rights and civil liberties saw Congress take seriously its oath to defend the Constitution.  But we have a chance this month.  The PATRIOT Act, which was recently extended through May, will be up for debate again before the end of May. I’m writing now to encourage you to contact your congressional representatives to arrange meetings while they're home during the recess from April 18-May 2.

This is an opportunity for you to make a difference -- not just on stopping abuses under the Patriot Act, but also to support the affirmative reforms of the Justice Act -- which would end mass dragnet surveillance by the NSA, stop the FBI's persecution of peace activists, and restore civil rights for vulnerable communities exposed to ideological profiling.

You’ll find more information here:

Please share this opportunity with other activists concerned about constitutional rights.  It’s important that our congressional representatives know that We the People still care about the Constitution and want them to check and balance the executive branch to preserve rights and liberties.

Many thanks for your activism,

George Friday

National Field Organizer
Bill of Rights Defense Committee

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